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This is easy! Each week on Thursday I post my homily main focus for preaching this coming Sunday. What I am hoping for is a reaction from people in the pews. Does my "focus" connect with your daily life, faith, and experience? Or not? Either affirm the direction I am going in (by giving me an example from your life) or challenge me, ask for clarification! Questions are the best! Reaction rather than reflection is what I'm looking for here. Don't be afraid, get in the ring. Ole!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 9 Homily Prep

-The homily from October 2 is available by email request
-The readings from October 9 are at >
-I am preaching at the 4:00pm at SAG and the 11:30 at St John Bosco

"It's Do-able"

St. Paul to the Philippians says "I can do all things in Christ...". I am reminded of the first anniversary of my father's death. My mom and sister and I went to St. Rita (where he was buried) and I had the Mass being offered for him. After Mass we went to the cemetery and stood at the grave, praying. I said, "well, Ma, how are you feeling?" She responded in the way only my mother could.."well, a lot better than I was a year ago."

Her admission that she was healing was a sign to me that while undesireable, widowhood and orphan-hood is do-able. Life still has meaning even when you think your purpose for living is taken away. This life in Christ is do-able. In fact, that experience of losing my dad at a "young" age was the first real suffering I had to endure, my first test of faith. On that first anniversary day, I realized with my mom, that with faith - it's do-able.

Too many of us live in the fear of life's difficulties and challenges believing that we couldn't "do it". How many things do you believe you could not survive? St. Paul encourages us to give up those small-souled thoughts and fears. Be strong, believe that in Christ we can "do it" - whatever it is. As long as we are in Christ, we are choosing with Christ, we are living and loving in Christ - then we can do"all things in him who strengthens me."

So, whose afraid of the big bad wolf? Not me. I might not be happy about it, I might prefer a hundred other things, I might even whine, kick, scream and cry over it - but I can "do it" if I remain in Him.

How about you?


Anonymous said...

I can testify to what you are trying to convey, Father. Throughout my life belief in Christ has sustained me. I left the church for 30 yrs and came back. God put my
faith to a test, but he works through other people. I spoke to a priest who asked me the right question and said the right words. I vowed if I ever met him I would tell him how much he helped me. I now seek Christs wisdom and his gentle touch when life takes that disturbing turn that I don't like. I don't always like what he tells me but it is comforting to know he will never abandon me in times of trial. Your homily should touch a great many souls!

anon 1 said...

Perfectly said, Matador. There have been moments in my life when the task ahead was so great, or I was paralyzed by fear, or I felt “so lost and couldn’t find my way” – that I knew it was Him who strengthened me, who got me through it, made it do-able. In some of those times I distinctly remember asking Jesus to step in – knowing that I wasn’t up to the task without Him. While some instances certainly didn’t come out the way I had wished, I was confident of God’s hand being in it, His presence, and that helped me accept the outcome. I think it’s the combination of faith and hope working together that makes life work – faith that with Him all things are possible, and hope that while experiences may at times be unpleasant and messy, God has the power to make it into something beautiful and, at times, even helpful.

Fr. Estok said...
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Anonymous said...

I totally understand the Matador comments this week. I agree!
It is our human condition that doesn't allow us to have a faithful attitude, meaning a consenting attitude toward God when we are being bombarded with several problems.
My first thiking is...why me? here I go again, God doesn't have me on His priority list,( may be He has no one, but to me it looks like He has one..)
As I get older, I can see more often that those "terrible" problems that I imagine are going to be there forever and can't be resolved...are not so terrible.They need help!
When I get into my prayer room or I go to Church and ask the Lord why He is so "hard" on me, it takes no time for my heart to feel a little sense of peace....I am here. keep praying, keep going, I will help you, know you are in my Heart!!!
It is at this time that I am able to give my "terrible" problems to Him to heal.
When the storm has passed (weeks, months or longer)and I totally consent to Him, it is at this time that I feel that I have advanced one more step in my spiritual journey.
Talk to the Lord, it is peaceful.

Anonymous said...

I can attest to God grace helping me "do it." Years ago, I was in a near-fatal car accident with many serious injuries. I had a near-death experience. I also had a major surgery that took 9 hours. After surgery, my heart went into shock and I was in CCU. A priest came in and administered Last Rites/Anointing of the Sick. The next day my heart was perfect and the medical staff could not give an explanation. During this experience and every other experience in my life, I trust completely that everything happening to me is due to God's will for me and I "just do it." Somehow, when times are most trying, I find an unexplained well of strength from which to draw. God is so good that way! LR

JoyFuralle said...

Love this question . . . surprised you didn't say it in your homily... How many things do you believe you could not survive? At an earlier age, all sorts of things... now, with plenty of difficulties hurdled over, I say with Paul & you & the rest of this community, I can do ALL things in CHRIST!

Am so thankful & grateful for the encouragement, Father. And all that I'm given I attempt to share.