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This is easy! Each week on Thursday I post my homily main focus for preaching this coming Sunday. What I am hoping for is a reaction from people in the pews. Does my "focus" connect with your daily life, faith, and experience? Or not? Either affirm the direction I am going in (by giving me an example from your life) or challenge me, ask for clarification! Questions are the best! Reaction rather than reflection is what I'm looking for here. Don't be afraid, get in the ring. Ole!

Friday, November 23, 2012

November 25 Homily Prep

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"You're not the boss of me"

That expression coming from somewhere in our preschool/early years, rather sums up the proposition of the church on this feast of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. Are we subjects, can we subject ourselves to anyone - let alone Jesus Christ?

The only way that one can submit or subject him or herself to the will of another is if that other is perceived as True, More true than our own best idea. The question for all of us on this feast is to what extent have we encountered the truth of Jesus Christ and subjected ourselves to it?

The human condition and thus the "average Joe" cannot see or hear or perceive the truth of others because of the infantile, defensive demand to be free(In charge of himself). "You are not the boss of me" is the expression and the attitude of the independent, autonomous, headstrong child within each of us. "You are not the boss of me" is also the subtitle of the original sin in the garden of Eden. While they are created as the first man and woman they end up choosing like the first little two-year-olds!

As the church celebrates the sovereignty of Jesus Christ, king of the universe we can all have our "autonomous, independent, free-thinking" wounded little children alarmed. Before we get our "backs up" let's be reminded of Jesus in the garden. He has won the title of universal king by being the first and best, humble subject. "Your will, not mine, be done" is the motto of this kingdom.

Are you safe and secure enough, like Jesus in the garden, to hear and recognize the truth of the Lord Jesus and to subject your life to his? If not, why not? That is the point of our faith and our salvation!


JoyFuralle said...

I'm not getting it, feels like you're saying two different things. We can't EVER see or hear or perceive the truth of others?

If we ARE safe & secure enough to hear & recognize the truth of our Lord Jesus & subject our life to HIS, we will SURELY be saying, "You're not the boss of me!"

Examples: Unfair/underhanded work practices, someone being treated poorly, a superior undermining his superior, the HHS mandate, on and on...

Jesus before Annas said "If I have spoken wrongly, testify to the wrong; but if I have spoken rightly, who do you strike me?"

anon 1 said...

"Are you safe and secure enough...?" That's a good question - and while I typically believe that I am, there are times when I'm faced with the stark reality that I am not! There are times when I'll become overwhelmed - the task seems too big or the responsibility too heavy - and I panic. When I step back from the situation I see this weakness to which the Matador refers - that I am relying on myself, rather than on the One to whom I belong. Instead of subjecting myself to the will of God and believing in His light and strength, I turn to my own devices - and find them to be woefully inadequate! It's then that I have to remind myself not only of the One to whom I am subject, but also that "for this I was born" - only to trust in Him and give myself over to Him. Really, that is the only kind of life that resonates with Truth.