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This is easy! Each week on Thursday I post my homily main focus for preaching this coming Sunday. What I am hoping for is a reaction from people in the pews. Does my "focus" connect with your daily life, faith, and experience? Or not? Either affirm the direction I am going in (by giving me an example from your life) or challenge me, ask for clarification! Questions are the best! Reaction rather than reflection is what I'm looking for here. Don't be afraid, get in the ring. Ole!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 22 Homily Prep

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 I am often reminded that only 30% of the registered baptized Catholics in our parish attend Sunday Eucharist-consuming and being consumed by the bread of life. I am also aware that upwards of 80% of the  mega-church Christians are "former Catholics". I wonder how is it that so many Catholics have walked away from the Eucharist?

 These weeks of the bread of life discourse have reminded me again and caused me to conclude that the only way one can walk away from the bread of life is if one has never truly consumed and really been consumed by that bread from heaven, the Lord Jesus.

Why have so few Catholics made the choice to surrender their lives to the life and living bread which is Jesus Christ?  Is it possible that we have exposed them to this choice at too young an age? Is it that they have never understood and been exposed to the living bread that consumes us as it is consumed? Is it, possibly, that this reality of Jesus' resurrected and consuming presence and the offer of eternal life is just "words that are too hard" and that the hardened hearts of broken humanity just cannot accept this teaching, this Truth, this way?

 I believe all the above are true. It is our calling in this age in this day to present or better, re-present the concrete experience of communion that is the Truth of Jesus Christ the living bread, Resurrected life, that desires to be consumed and to consume us so that we no longer live but Christ lives in us.

 Those are hard words. What do you think?


JouFuralle said...

Ugh, this is hard reading, going through the past just as hard. And I understand and relate to why so many don't show up! Been there, done that, and my heart goes out tothose who don't know & don't know better. I left the Church at age 19, couldn't wait to leave my parents' home & be done with their Catholic hypocrisy. Or so I thought at an idealistic teen. The Priests of the Parish I grew up with were no example of Christian love. Leaving home I went 'church hopping' to all the surrounding parishes and felt no welcome. None. Looking back, I realize it's more sad now than I thought at the time. Now I realize this is all proof I didn't even realize Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament much less the Word of God, myself & all those around me. There was no proof of 'Real Presence'. Sad, sad, sad.

Fast forward thru 25 years. The Lord led me back to Church and believing, & we discover our children as SECOND GRADERS never believed in Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament AND did not verbalize or question it, just went along. My husband & I lived our faith, expressed our faith and they 'went along'. We really think we did the best we could, but it was not enough. However, our children are open to discussion and conversation, we trust with 100% certainty that as the Lord led me us right paths back to Himself, He will do the same with them.

The Matador said...


Dawn said...

I agree with the Matador that all of the questions he stated as to why so many Catholics have walked away from the Eucharist are true. And I also believe, as JoyFuralle stated above, that the Lord will lead them back. But I think that we who believe so firmly in the Paschal Mystery have a key role to play in helping others to open their eyes of faith. Our witnessing to the love of God and our steadfast spirit, even at times - and perhaps especially at times - that sacrifice is required, speak volumes to others. As Joy mentions above, our children watch us closely (even as they grow into adulthood) and the testimony of our lives rather than our preaching to them is what touches their hearts. I know that of great help to me is our parish community that is growing deeper in this spirit of communion. We are learning and growing together - bringing strength to one another - and through all of that our knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ is deepening and widening.It's a new and different kind of "conspicuous consumption"!

Peg said...

Going the Mass and not receiving Communion, Jesus the Bread of Life is like sitting in on a college course just because it is interesting or fun. One might take all the notes and pass all of the exams but be exempt from earning a degree.

What if Jesus said, "Lord, Father, I will preach and heal and work miracles, but I draw the line at being condemned and dying on the cross?" What if Jesus said, "teaching, preaching healing and miracles are good and holy things, let the people figure out the rest. I have not sinned or wronged anyone, so I am righteous and therefore holy and deserving of your love."

It would be like us feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, loving our spouse and family. We would be good and living by God's commandments but not all in. Not making a total commitment.

Jesus becoming the bread of life is an all in sacrifice of himself for us, and receiving the Eucharist is an acceptance and reminder of God's great love.

As to Catholics in mega churches, I think (having gone to one once) that people are hungry for something concrete. Explanations of text and history. I think that Mass in a Catholic church is more about faith/faith sharing, trusting and believing in the Lord.

Peg said...
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