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Saturday, October 3, 2015

October 4 Homily Prep

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A vocation to life

Pope Francis addressed the bishops of the world gathered in Philadelphia for the World Meeting on Families and he spoke to them about their vocations as pastors (www. He said, "You must first pray.  Secondly, you must preach." The pope continued by instructing the bishops as to what their prayerful preaching ought to be to the young: become holy through family love and life - marriage!

The understanding of marriage/family as God's call and path to holiness was then explained as the vocation of the young, a vocation to life and love. From the beginning God has revealed this human vocation, "cling to your spouse and build a family home with your children".  This vocation to life and love is the only path to true happiness in this world and unto eternity.

The pope explained to the bishops that young people today are afraid of marriage and the self-sacrifice of family life. Many young people are convinced (and intimidated) by the spirit of the world that tells them that "happiness" (not marriage and family) is the human vocation.

This self-centered spirit of the world says that one must first be satisfied as an individual, be fulfilled first as an individual, be competent as a grown up, get your life in order SO THAT you can be happy. Is it any wonder that sociologists tell us the adolescence now extends into the 40's - everyone is being encouraged to put off adulthood (our human vocation to "leave your mother and father and cling to your wife), to focus on self-fulfillment and thus prevents one from our only real path to happiness = our vocation to life and love - family

Only such happy people according to the vocation of the world should look for a spouse. The number one "job" of that spouse is to keep this very self-centered human creature "happy"  according to the vocation of the world . And those of you who are married know better than I that marriage cannot keep a self-seeking adult creature happy.

The  whirly vocation to happiness then tells young people that after being happily married for awhile, getting to know each other, maybe travel, advance in your career, get a suitable house THEN possibly think about "having kids".

 This approach to our human vocation is a strategy for emptiness. The biblical vocation of marriage and family life is the only  authentic road to happiness in this world and the next. The world is working hard to separate happiness from family life. All of our social problems begin  in this delusion. Can we resurrect the God centered vocation to life and love, the natural law, the image of God in the human family and culture?

Let's see


Anonymous said...

"And the two shall become like one" bringing about the Kingdom of God with Him, within the union of Christ Jesus, by His powerful, mysterious, loving union of two hearts; in His dignity.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful message. A great prayer for all to share in God's great gift of marriage & parenthood.
Self-centeredness is self-pride and dependence upon all external conditions ones obtains (money, power,fame, leisure...) acquired by ones self. Children require sacrifice, selflessness....God asks for abandonment & submission to Him and in marriage and the rewards can not be described.

Francis Fan said...

I do see the evidence of what Pope Francis is saying all around us. I think it's not only effecting the young adults who delay marriage, but is also evidenced in the high divorce rate. In this day and age, we have become confused about this pursuit of happiness for self, instead of interest in joy for the common good and embracing the meaning and fulfillment of vocation.

I think the best solution is one of example among married couples who have embraced the holiness of marriage - and also the support of a good and loving church. The proposal of marriage recently given in front of our children in the Church after a school Mass comes to mind as a beautiful and reverent example of love on its way to marriage.

It makes sense that Pope Francis would suggest prayerful preaching on the part of priests. Their words go a long way in making a powerful impact on existing married couples - helping to lead them to serve as example for others; and it will also inspire those who are journeying toward the vocation of marriage. Church - and all the people who make it up - can help us remember the real goal of life and the way of Christ's love.