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This is easy! Each week on Thursday I post my homily main focus for preaching this coming Sunday. What I am hoping for is a reaction from people in the pews. Does my "focus" connect with your daily life, faith, and experience? Or not? Either affirm the direction I am going in (by giving me an example from your life) or challenge me, ask for clarification! Questions are the best! Reaction rather than reflection is what I'm looking for here. Don't be afraid, get in the ring. Ole!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Sunday Homily Prep

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Jesus Embraced Violence and Death so that Reconciliation and Peace might Live

The effect of the sin of Adam and Eve was isolating violence among God and God's creatures.  Cain and Abel are the next generation and they manifest the isolated violence of envy and mistrust that results in death.

What God did in Jesus is to extend Himself to the most violent and hateful experience of human dying precisely so he could reveal so humanity that God is even there.  He liberates humanity from their addiction to self and to violent and separating imposition of self upon others.  Jesus' disciples, according to the broken human system, deserved the wrath of Jesus upon his resurrected return.  But he offers them peace.

His message and power is the liberation from our slavery to self and our "againstness" toward God and others.  We didn't know we could survive by loving as God loves.  We thought we were doomed to violtent, isolating, competition, envy, rivalry, resentment, dog-eat-dog survival.  God created us "for others"  - we broke it by being "against" everyone but ourselves.  Yuk.

Can we accept the liberation from the slavery of "againstness" and be seet free to be for God and others?  That is the resurrection.

How can I say that to C&E christians?  Any examples?


Peg said...

I think we get caught up in routine. We wake, we eat, we work, we do the necessary things for spouses, kids and family. We go to church. Then we do it all over again. We don't like to step out of our comfort zone. We drive the same road to school and work and always see the same thing. Even the songs on the radio play at the same time. I always hear a particular song when I am sitting at the same stoplight. We sit in church in the same place and greet the same people.
I have found that traveling different paths now and again offer a different view. Different streets, different houses, different businesses. I begin to wonder and talk about and question and comment on the 'why' or 'how'. I am opened up to the fact different can be better or worse or status quo, but most of all different just is and is okay. Sitting in a new space in church brings on a new way to see the priest, a new way to hear different voices lifted in praise, new babies and children, new people to greet and learn about.
I think that we need to break our routine once in a while and trust. Just say hello and smile randomly. It feels funny at first, awkward. We don't need to judge or be for or against. Just be kind. Step back and enjoy a bit of quietness. Just sit in a room for 5 minutes with your spouse or kids and say nothing. Let God's spirit embrace you. And, maybe if you are so driven by the routine, just turn off the radio and say a Hail Mary or just Hello God!

Peg said...

Looking back on my comment I feel that I neglected to incorporate the Passion. Did Jesus want to be condemned and crucified? He wasn't given a choice. It was meant to be from the very beginning, Adam and Eve. I believe God the Father had a plan. If he created the world and saw that it was good. It would be the beginning and the end. But, he created Adam and then Eve. He gave them everything. And again, that would have been paradise. But, they sinned, they were cast out, their children sinned, nations sinned and we sinned. But God is giving and just. He wanted us to find our way back. Not the easy way. We had to want and to work. He gave us Jesus as a baby. As a family member. Jesus did not always do as his earthly family wanted him to do, just as we do not always please our families. I believe that God created us to grow, to nurture, to be kind and also to hurt and to want and to question. How else could we have a relationship with him? You can't have a relationship with your neighbor unless you say hello, sup with or laugh and cry with.

Jesus did not die on the cross because of us. Even Pontius Pilate wanted and tried to let him go. And while his death was pre-ordained, and the Risen Christ allows us to begin again, anew, we still err and sin. That is why each and every day God allows us to repent and to grow and to continue to strive.

a "post" post said...

While I didn't get a chance to weigh in prior to your homily, I have to say that in "post homily time" I am reflecting back on your use of Adele's song "Remedy" and thought it was powerful! It really is the "magic" answer - the silver bullet, so to speak. We all look for the solution to the pain that our human condition frequently brings, and it is provided to us in this "greatest story ever told." But how hardened our hearts are - we don't LIKE the answer so it takes a long long time for it sink in. Adele reminds us beautifully - our remedy lies not in violence, hatred, anger, etc. The balm that heals is following the model Jesus provides - to swallow up those devilish ways, and through the power of the spirit of Jesus we can turn them inside out and be deliverers of peace and mercy.

Anonymous said...

God giving his only son Jesus to experience what he experienced for us all. That we may continue the believing, and that through Christ's resurrection we too may be resurrected to everlasting life. The crucifixion leads to the resurrection of Christ. Easter is about the New life, the light of God. This light shines upon everyone! To be happy and filled with love for God, love for all ! Please I hope and pray that we live in this love and not in the emphasized doom and gloom. For Christ is risen from the dead ! Let us rejoice and be glad !
For God is with us !