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This is easy! Each week on Thursday I post my homily main focus for preaching this coming Sunday. What I am hoping for is a reaction from people in the pews. Does my "focus" connect with your daily life, faith, and experience? Or not? Either affirm the direction I am going in (by giving me an example from your life) or challenge me, ask for clarification! Questions are the best! Reaction rather than reflection is what I'm looking for here. Don't be afraid, get in the ring. Ole!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 5 - 23rd of the Year

-The August 29 Homily is in the library>>>

-The scriptures for this Sunday are at>>>

-I am presiding Sat 9/4 at 5:30pm and on Sunday 9/5 at 12:30pm

If only....then I'd be happy!

The scriptures this week really challenge us with harsh words about the call and the path to happiness. If you are serious about being happy - then get real about holiness.

Most of us have been programmed by life in the world and broken by original sin to believe that possessing is the only way to happiness. Even possessing yourself, your relationships, your ministry - all commodities intended to make you happy. Wrong. The painful truth for us today is that loving (do not read being loved) is the only source of true happiness.

Being free to love in the present moment/ reality is the only path to happiness. We also call it holiness. This is what it means to love,says Jesus, to lay down your life for the sake of love.

Wadayathink about your plan for happiness?


JoyFuralle said...

Okay, reaction . . . WHY DID THIS TAKE ME SO LONG TO DISCOVER?!?!?! And how long will it take me to be completely re-programmed?!?!?! Till the day I drop?!?! Because I can be in the midst of realizing love means giving and in that giving is the joy of giving, doing it, doing it, doing, and then there will be further opportunity to give MORE fully and I forget. Or fall short cuz I'm tired or thinking of myself! Feels like I’m SEVERELY handicapped.

I was part of 2nd grade PSR . . . love is giving, loving is giving, to love is to give. That’s what we taught the kids. Love is about giving. And in the midst of giving, I didn’t recognize what I was doing WAS loving. So focused on myself – back-breaking work, l-o-n-g hours, endless, plain hard work of babies, work etc., so tired I could barely crank out a Hail Mary much less string a coherent thought together, keeping up, getting all the stuff done. I didn’t realize that I was giving my life away for others. THIS IS THE PRAYER!!! That in the midst of the labor I could have been happier if I realized THIS – ALL THIS -- this “stuff” of life – IS the road to holiness and happiness. How did I miss the Lord in the midst of this for so long?!?!?! And I think that's where most people are at!

My siblings & I have talked about how we have raised our children Catholic, yet because we haven’t talked about it much, in pointed ways & examples, they think it’s just what being part of our family means. Like being a fish & not realizing you’re in water. Because of that, they haven’t grasped firmly enough what it means to love, to give, to be Catholic & to be committed members of Church. Because we haven’t verbalized enough what love is & how love gives – although we have modeled it -- we have much work in front of us. That's okay.

In the same way, as a family, as spouses, as friends, we don’t talk about what love is among ourselves. Sure, a little bit, here and there, funerals & weddings, but not much. It’s like it’s taboo, like too intimate to speak of, which is REALLY weird. We don’t talk of how love gives after the honeymoon or after the kids get a little older. Love gives & gives & gives & gives. I think maybe we don’t talk about it much cuz if we do we might have to do it MORE. And if we talk about it more, we might have to love and give more and become Love.

KuhlerVanThee (KVT) said...

I think the word ‘happiness’ can be misunderstood. Just as the Matador clarified that ‘loving’ is not to be confused with ‘being loved,’ I think ‘happiness’ should not be confused with ‘lack of sorrow.’ We do live in a time where people think if you’re feeling sad, then surely you need a pill. Yet, we read over and over again in Scripture (this week is no exception) that following Jesus includes carrying our own cross. We also know that there is a joy in following Him – He loves us with reckless abandon and asks us to do the same. So, I love the connection of holiness and loving – and that these lead to true happiness. But it seems this is a happiness that includes a cross, and our faith assures us it’s one worth carrying!

Anonymous said...

Being loved is very easy to "tolerate". However, loving is more difficult particularly when we don't "feel loved" by that particular person or group.
LOVING is what Jesus is inviting us to practice. God is not proposing us a cozy/comfortable religion, our lives are marked by the Cross with an active life of prayer and service/example to others, a life of commitment to Him.
When we are able to empty ourselves to Jesus, then is when happiness and love is felt.
Life is not our standing in society, rather it is how close we carry His cross.
When we embrace the cross we become a truly loving person.
Question for The Matador..
Do you think that we as catholics have the tendency to love more the people we know they believe in God, rather than non believers?

Anonymous said...

Ans: I believe Catholicism tends toward the opposite side...loving without regard..TMW

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think, TMW, you are absolutely right about this one. God is Love, therefore it makes perfect sense that we are happiest when we show love. I like to think of the Corinthians scripture passage that is often read at weddings, which gives a definition to love and what it is. Oftentimes, the word love is so overused that we may forget what it is and the various forms it takes.

I'd like to add, that I noticed when I am actively practicing love, I am not focused on myself whereas when I am demonstrating bondage to material things, I am focusing on myself and ultimately end up NOT happy. lr